What are vocal presets?

A vocal preset is sorta like a Instagram filter but for your voice. Its a pre-set list of effects you can apply to your vocals to shape the way they sound. It use to take years of school, professional studios & lots of money to get good sounding vocals. Now artist can purchase a vocal preset & get mixed, professional sounding vocals from their bedroom.

Why use vocal presets?

With a vocal preset you can load it up, plug in your microphone, start recording & get the results your looking for almost instantly. Listening back to raw vocals can suck. Having a pre-mix on your vocals can give you alot more confidence when your recording & help you with your song.

Our presets

Our vocal presets are made for Adobe Audition. We have a couple "Studio Rack" vocal presets which you can use on any DAW but besides that all of our vocal presets are made for Adobe Audition. Kelli has used Adobe Audition for the last 10 years, he loves it, its just what he prefers. We have Adobe Audition "Stock" vocal presets which are made with the effects that come with Adobe Audition & we have a "Waves" version which are made with "Waves Audio" plugins. The presets are styled after todays top selling artist. The vocal presets are not gonna turn you into that artist but rather give you a similar style mix as that artist. The vocal presets have presets for your main vocals & backing vocals so its more of a vocal template I guess you could say, you have multiple vocal presets in one ;). The vocal presets are made to help you attain a high quality, industry standard sound & we are fully confident they will make your recording process easier & more efficient.

Who is Kelli?

Kelli is a rapper, singer, songwriter & audio engineer from London, Ontario, Canada. Kelli started making music in 2012, with no one around to help and no money, he started learning how to do everything himself on a program called "Adobe Audition". It took him years to learn how to mix/master and achieve a professional sound. After a decade of making music he put together these vocal presets to help up and coming artist avoid all that trouble & achieve some good sounding music.


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